Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Freezer Meal Exchange idea

Guest Post by Jenetta Padilla, Dickinson, ND

A Moms’ Freezer Meal Exchange has been a tremendous help in my busy schedule.  It has been so simple.

 I invited other moms with busy schedules to join me.  Now each month I take an evening to make ten of one meal, either in 9x13 pans or in gallon freezer bags, and I freeze them (unbaked).  My boys get a kick out of helping me.  Then on the first Sundays at 7:30 PM, the ten of us meet at my house and exchange meals (along with their recipes).  We’ve been set with a huge variety such enchiladas, pizza pasta, taco soup, you name it.  One mom’s favorite aspect is having less dishes to do.  And we ALL appreciate meals ready to just thaw and bake.

Since my family has small eaters, I refreeze half for another day and they help us out even longer.  On months when a mom is expecting, we let her opt out and someone delivers the nine meals to her door.  We have one mom happy to be a substitute if a mom needs to opt out for some reason.  I highly recommend this to every busy mom!  And coordinating it is simple!  Go for it J.  Enjoy and may it bless you as much as it’s blessing me.   

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