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Mom On A Media Mission

Christie Thein is a Mom On A Media Mission.  She wants to change a culture by teaching people how to change their media choices.  Instead of secular movies, books, CDs and music, Christie is teaching parents (and kids) how to find good Christian alternatives. 

Christie is the mama on the far right

The key word here is good.  The mom has spent hours and hours finding high quality media that you and your family will enjoy.  

Below are her 'Top Ten' lists to help you get started.  Want more?  Just email her at and she'll send you more recommendations. 

Also contact Christie and invite her to run a 'Mom on A Media Mission' workshop with the parents, teachers, and/or catechists in your school or parish. She will empower them to choose good media in their homes and classrooms.  

Christie can speak with youth groups and students as well.  

Top Ten Christian Artists to check out for the teens
(purchase through itunes)

Artist/Album                             Song

Toby Mac                            Me Without You
(Eye On It)
Britt Nicole                         Amazing Life
Group 1 Crew                    Freq Dat
Thousand Foot Krutch   Be Somebody
( The End Is Where We 
Family Force Five             Cray Button
(Cray Button)   
KJ-52                                   Brand New Day
Owl City                              Shooting Star
(Shooting Star)
Skillet                                   Monster
Anthem Lights                   Outta My Mind
(Anthem Lights)
Switchfoot                           Dare You To Move
(The Best Yet)

Great radio station online to check out!!

Ten Christian Artists for Moms

1.)  Chris Tomlin (A staple in every house)
2.)  Matthew West
3.)  Casting Crowns
4.)  Brandon Heath
5.)  Chris August
                                                      6.)  Jeremy Camp
                                                      7.)  Sanctus Real
                                                      8.)  The Afters
                                                      9.)  Tenth Avenue North
                                                     10.)  Matt Maher

Ten great youtube videos to check out

1.)  Britt Nicole
The Lost Get Found
Britt Nicole is great for all ages!  Kids love her. 

2.)  Brandon Heath
Give Me Your Eyes
Give Me Your Eyes is amazing, I pray that He will give us His eyes so that we may see the world as He sees it. The Light In Me is a great teaching video for your kids.  There is a boy whose friends are not making good choices and he is faced with a choice.  You put the light in me….

3.)  Casting Crowns
Just  Another Birthday
Slow Fade
Casting Crown has so many videos with great messages.  Just another birthday is a good video for your teenagers to watch. American Dream and Slow Fade for couples.

4.)  Chris August
Powerful song on forgiveness, check out the story  behind the video

5.)  Josh Wilson

6.)  Lecrae
Powerful video on  our example to our children

7.)  Lifehouse
Video that portrays our youth getting romanced into the many temptations that life offers.

8.)  Matthew West

9.)  Sanctus Real
Lead Me   Must watch for all couples

10.)  The Afters
Light Up The Sky 

Top Ten Movies to Watch

1.)  Facing the Giants
A great movie to watch with the entire family, this football movie is an underdog story you don’t want to miss.

2.)  Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer is the inspiring true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcame all odds to become a champion again, through her sheer determination and unwavering faith.

4.)  October Baby
As the curtain rises, Hannah hesitantly steps onto the stage for her theatrical debut in college. Yet before she can utter her first lines, Hannah collapses in front of the stunned audience. After countless medical tests, all signs point to one underlying factor: Hannah's difficult birth. This revelation is nothing compared to what she then learns from her parents: she was actually adopted ... after a failed abortion attempt. Bewildered, angered, and confused, Hannah turns for support to Jason, her oldest friend. Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, Hannah joins his group of friends on a Spring Break road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past ... and find hope for her unknown future.

5.)  Courageous
Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, they are confident and focused, standing up to the worst the streets can offer. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge they’re ill prepared to tackle: fatherhood. When tragedy strikes home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering.

 6.)  Mighty Macs
From the inspiring true story comes the tale of one woman who just wanted to make a difference and wound up making history! When Coach Cathy Rush (Carla Gugino, Mr. Popper's Penguins) arrives at tiny Immaculata College, the women’s basketball team has no budget, no uniforms and no gym. Refusing to give up, Cathy finds help from a young nun named Sister Sunday.

7.)  Letters to God
A boozing postal worker finds his life turned upside down by a boy struggling with cancer. Young Tyler Doherty (Tanner Maguire) faces his cancer with a strong spirit and good humor, and maintains his faith by writing letters to God--letters that the neighborhood's new mailman, Brady McDaniels (Jeffrey Johnson), doesn't know how to handle.

8.)  To Save a Life (high school + up) (PG-13)
 A powerful film about suicide, faith, and the power of one person, to make a difference in the lives of many.

9.)  Fireproof
Fireproof has a strong agenda: stay married, lead an honest life, and let your faith in a higher power help guide you.

10.)  The Perfect Game
From the director of Angels in the Outfield comes the incredible true story of the underdog foreign Little League team who inspired two nations.

Top Ten Books that helped me grow in my faith

1.)  The Better Part (A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer)
This book contains the Four Gospels and beautiful meditations from the perspective of Christ the Lord, Christ the Teacher, Christ the Friend and Christ in My Life.  This was a huge instrument for me.  My family started reading the Gospel each morning and doing the meditation during Advent.  I discovered this through a prayer group (an off shoot of our Moms group) Martha & Mary.  We would get together once a week and read the Gospel for the day and talk about how it pertained to our own lives.

2.)  One Bread One Body (from the Presentation Ministries)
A Daily Devotional is essential.  I love One Bread One Body.  The Word Among Us is amazing as well!  They give you all the readings for the day and a meditation.  There are also stories in this little book.  There are many other great Catholic daily readings.

To receive the daily readings click this link, or you can send a donation to receive the One Bread One Body book.

To add your e-mail address to this list go to

3.)  Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly
Reading the Seven Pillars helped me to understand the value of our Catholic Faith.  The Seven Pillars were unfolding in front of me.  “Our Lives Change When Our Habits Change.”  ~Matthew Kelly  My habits were changing and I was suddenly hungry to learn more.

4.)  Sticky Situations (365 Devotions for Kids and Families.)  This is a wonderful Christian book.  They give you a moral dilemma each day and then a scripture to look up and read.  This is a great tool to use as a family.  We started reading this at Advent as well.  It is also good for classrooms.  Give one to your teacher as a gift.

5.)  Noise by Teresa Tomeo
Noise gives the readers spiritual direction on how to make use of the media with our faith front and center.  It is so important to be informed of what your children are watching, reading and listening to…
The media is the welcomed stranger we allow into our homes with no hesitation.  We would not leave our children alone with a stranger, so why do we leave our children alone for hours with this stranger (the media)???

6.)  Extreme Makeover by Teresa Tomeo
Our self-image as American women is being distorted by pop culture.  Packed with statistics and testimonies, Extreme Makeover uncovers the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church. 

7.)  The next author has three books that are a must.   
The Ten Habits of a Happy Mother
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters  
Boys Should Be Boys
I have two boys and bought the Strong Fathers Strong Daughter book for my brother and I read it before I gave it to him.  It gave me a lot of insight to my upbringing and my relationship with my own father.  The Habits of a Happy Mother we are using as a format for our Moms group this year.  Boys Should be Boys was alarming.  We need to be aware of the impact that the media plays on our sons and also our husbands.   

8.)  I’m Not Being Fed by Jeff Cavins
Cavins explores the reasons why many Catholics do not understand and appreciate the Holy Eucharist-and why some have left the Church, saying that they simply weren’t being “fed” and that they longed for a relationship with Jesus.  (I have come to realize how important it is to live our faith every day.  It is not just a Sunday visit but a way of life.

9.)  My Other Self by Clarence Enzler
After my fire started losing its spark my spiritual director gave me this amazing book.  I was challenged to read a little and then meditate on what jumps out at me.  I had been feeling very dry in my prayers at the time and in the book it says, “When you receive fruit from prayer that is God’s gift to you and when you are in a period of dryness and you continue even when your flesh does not feel like it that is your gift to God.”  If you are looking to dig deeper, this is the book for you.

10.)  Our Lady of Kibeho by Immaculee Ilibagiza
I had heard of the 1994 genocide.  This book brought it to life in a way I cannot even explain.  A story on forgiveness, this book left me with a heavy heart for those I had not forgiven.  It was healing and eye opening to what is happening in our culture in the present.  Our Lady of Kibeho became this first and only Vatican-approved Marian site in all of Africa.  But the story still remains largely unknown.  This book will touch your heart.


  1. Go Christie! Big things are happening! I second her top 10 list-all are inspiring and praiseworthy and will bring you closer to Christ and the faith!!

  2. What a great list.
    Here is one more for a very Catholic Christmas.
    Our Father Gave To Us The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Transform your Christmas from 12 hours of frenzied merry making to 12 days of prayerful celebration!

  3. Thank you for this awesome list! Christie is a woman on a mission!