Saturday, February 25, 2012

Open to Life - One mom shares why she won't contracept

Amy - "Ricky and I have been married over 15 years.  We just moved to Buffalo, NY 2 years ago because we love snow... We have 5 children here on earth- ages 3 to 12 years, and 4 in Heaven.  We believe the parents are the primary teachers of the faith and try to instill in our children a love and a desire to learn more about the Catholic faith.  Is it easy?  No, the right thing is never easy, as we have learned.  Going to Mass every Sunday and even attending daily Mass as often as we can, are most important and we make them see how much we desire to receive Jesus, so the "do we hafto?" comments, generally don't rise up (generally...)."

For great resources on the Church's teaching against contraception visit

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  1. I love her sweet, gentle testimony. We are expecting our 5th child and 4th daughter right now. Twin families! :)