Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Gets Easier - Mother of eight children shares her story

How does she do it?  Enjoy this great interview with Mrene in NY who shares the joy of raising a big family.  She has been married to her husband Craig for 20 years and she is the mother of 8 children ages 17 years down to 3 months. 

Also check out how she and her husband started the 'Marriage Matters' ministry in their parish.

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  1. Mrene, I loved hearing you speak about having a large family. The only problem is that I have a bunch of questions now about the practical stuff - yesterday I was throwing in a load of laundry thinking about how it never ends and I thought "I wonder if Mrene has a system that works for her with all her kids?". Do you have system that works for you and your family?

    1. I'm usually going in a lot of different directions (at least 8) but when things are craziest, that's when I know I need to stop everything I'm doing, and take time to pray. It would seem contrary to logic to do that, but when I put God first, everything else falls into place. I also go to Mary a lot. If I'm having company over for example, I always ask her to help me prepare. She's know as the "multiplier" and it never fails-- when I'm pressed for time, her intercession always gives me time leftover! When my soul is at peace, I'm in a disposition to discern where God is leading me. So I ask Him for His guidance in all things, down to the most "insignificant" details of my day-- after all, it's the day He's given me!

  2. I love the spouse before children philosophy, Mrene! Living that way has definitely kept us sane and as time goes on and our family grows, we grow even closer together rather than farther apart. Thank you.

  3. I know Mrene and she is an awesome mother, wife and friend! Thanks for sharing her words of wisdom!

  4. I just came across this testimony through the website, and I found it so uplifting and hopeful. Mrene, the world is thirsting so bad for these truths, myself included. I'm a mom to five, eight yrs and under, and I still feel overwhelmed almost every day. To here that it gets better is such a relief. Not, that I don't enjoy my children and family, but it is, ALOT of work. Also, your above comment about going to God first is such an important reminder. I don't think it has yet become a habit for me, so this week, I will definately have to remember to try. Thank you and God bless!

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