Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pass The Candy Game


We played a fun game to start our moms meeting today. Lots of laughs!

Directions: Facilitator will need to purchase a large bag of candy and make a list of questions prior to event. Have the ladies form a circle in groups of 10 or less. Each lady gets to pick 3 pieces of candy from the bowl. Then, as you ask each question, the ladies who have to answer the question “Yes” will have to pass one of their pieces of candy to the left. The one with the most candy at the end of the game wins. (They win the candy or you can provide a small gift.) Here is a list of questions but you can make up some of your own, as well:

1. Do you get up before 6 AM today?
2. Do you make your bed this morning?
3. Do you have to have coffee before you came here?
4. Do you have more than 3 pets in your house?
5. Have you ever hidden your snack foods from the kids?
6. Have you ever eaten those snacks while hiding in the closet?
7. Have you gotten a speeding ticket in the last 4 years?
8. Have you ever taken a mission trip?
9.  Do you prefer cake over pie?
10. Do you prefer beer over wine?
11. Would you rather do laundry than dishes?
14. Have you ever snorted when you laughed?
15. Have you ever left the house without putting on makeup?
16. Have you ever re-gifted a present you received?
17. Have you ever double-dipped at a party?

18. Do you think we should stop now and enjoy a piece of candy? 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Be Advocates For Your Children

Kathy Weppner encourages all moms to be advocates for their children.  Kathy is a wife and mother of 5. She was a candidate for the United States House of Representatives, District 26, in 2014.

                                  October Moms Meeting

Friday, October 7, 2016

Online Moms Mercy conference FREE

Join the FREE online conference for moms about MERCY on October 20-23, 2016.  It’s the Faces of Mercy
Each day of the conference you will be invited to watch your choice of featured presentations from popular speakers and authors . . . . at any time. . . . on any device. . . . even to download and listen to as an MP3. 

Comment, discuss, and pray for our families, our friends, our world, and each other, as we learn about and experience God’s mercy in our lives.

Experience More Mercy in Your Life
as the Year of Mercy comes to a close.
October 20-23, 2016
We will send one reminder email a few days before the conference begins.  Next, on each day of the conference, we will send you an email with links to the online conference page and password.  
Welcome and Thanks for Joining with Us!
Please share with your friends.  Check out some of the prizes we are giving out during the conference.  

It’s free!  
Sign-up today!

Promo video HERE

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's not too late to make it a great Advent - 3 ideas for you and your family

So I was feeling a bit STUMPED on how to make these next few weeks really special.  And then I was feeling like DOWN that Advent started this past Sunday and we didn't even pull out our wreath yet.  BUT instead of beating myself up about it or letting myself get goofy and anxious, I decided I would simply go on the hunt for some practical things that we could do this year and DO THEM (even if we are starting late)!  

Here are some of my favorite finds.  I bunched them into three groups:
-Acts of Service
-Daily Reflections

Join me in making it a great Advent, Catholic Mama. It's not too late.



Adopt an individual or a family in need.  Many parishes and organizations have programs set up and make it easy to help others.  Also consider adopting a family in need in your parish or school who may not be on any official list, but could really use some extra kindness and love.  

Image result for family in need

Use Kindness Elves (call them Advent Angels?) to encourage daily or weekly acts of kindness.  LOVVVEEEE this! Read more at  

Kindness Elves Alternative Elf on the Shelf Tradition

* Don't forget to lead by example.  Start by doing a few acts of kindness for your own kids.  Check out 10-surprises-for-kids-that-wont-cost-you-a-dime.

Prepare a Manger for Baby Jesus
A great activity for kids to do during Advent is have a manger for Baby Jesus. Every time they do a good deed or make a sacrifice, they get to add a piece of straw to the manger. Hopefully by Christmas Baby Jesus has a nice soft bed to lay on! Read more at Catholic Icing.


Set up a manger scene in your home.  When I was young, it was my job to set up the manger scene when the decorations came out.  After my mom passed away, my dad gave me the manger scene and now I think of her every year when we put it up.

Kids can make their own manger scene with tips from CatholicIcing.   

Buy or make an Advent Wreath. This flameless Advent wreath from KarenInMommyLand can be made with items that most of us already have in our homes.    

I found an adorable Advent arrangement on Etsy and bought it as a birthday gift for a few of my favorite peeps.

Rustic Advent Wreaths


Advent Adventure from Holy Heroes is great for kids.  Subscribe here.

Don't miss Bishop Robert Barron's Reflections.  Subscribe here.

Click here to subscribe to Catholic Mom Danielle Bean's 'Daily Advent Prayer'. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Author Dawn Curazzato shares the story of her granddaughter's amazing miracle

If you missed our NFC Moms Meeting yesterday, click the link below to hear Dawn Curazzato, author of Memoir of A Miracle, shares the AMAZING story of her granddaughter's miraculous healing and their family's journey of faith.

Click the link below or listen at

To order Dawn's book or to invite her to speak, visit

At the end of our meeting we prayed a decade of the rosary and watched 
the Quiet Waters Rosary Musical DVD

Join us at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Niagara Falls to see the LIVE performance 
on Wed, Oct 14th, 2015. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

OB/GYN Jaime Obst shares her journey to becoming a Catholic Doctor, Wife and Mother.

 Dr. Jaime Obst shares how she opened her heart over and over again to God's will for her as a Catholic OB/GYN, wife and mother.  

Dr. Obst works in Buffalo, NY, at the  

Click below to listen or visit

To find a NFP only physician near you, visit or

For more information about Fransciscan University in Stuebenville, OH, visit

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sacrificial Love

Susan Brown is a mother of eight children who currently resides in the Philadelphia area. She has moved ten times since she has been married. In this talk Susan speaks about the practices of 'offering it up' and 'sacrificial love', related to her children and her marriage.  She shares wisdom and insight that she has gained from growing in her faith with a great sense of humor and a 'tell it like it is' way.

Click below to hear her inspiring talk: 
(28 min)


Having trouble? Listen direct at

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