Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pass The Candy Game


We played a fun game to start our moms meeting today. Lots of laughs!

Directions: Facilitator will need to purchase a large bag of candy and make a list of questions prior to event. Have the ladies form a circle in groups of 10 or less. Each lady gets to pick 3 pieces of candy from the bowl. Then, as you ask each question, the ladies who have to answer the question “Yes” will have to pass one of their pieces of candy to the left. The one with the most candy at the end of the game wins. (They win the candy or you can provide a small gift.) Here is a list of questions but you can make up some of your own, as well:

1. Do you get up before 6 AM today?
2. Do you make your bed this morning?
3. Do you have to have coffee before you came here?
4. Do you have more than 3 pets in your house?
5. Have you ever hidden your snack foods from the kids?
6. Have you ever eaten those snacks while hiding in the closet?
7. Have you gotten a speeding ticket in the last 4 years?
8. Have you ever taken a mission trip?
9.  Do you prefer cake over pie?
10. Do you prefer beer over wine?
11. Would you rather do laundry than dishes?
14. Have you ever snorted when you laughed?
15. Have you ever left the house without putting on makeup?
16. Have you ever re-gifted a present you received?
17. Have you ever double-dipped at a party?

18. Do you think we should stop now and enjoy a piece of candy? 

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