Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mary's Birthday Craft Idea - Sacrifice Chain for Mary

Great idea from Holy Heroes.  Our family is going to make a Sacrafice Chain this week and then put it around a birthday cake next Saturday.

Craft: Sacrifice Chain
Mary’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, on September 8. One of the best birthday presents you can give to her would be prayers and sacrifice. Mary is often asking for this because our prayers and sacrifices can help us and other souls get to Heaven. To prepare for her birthday, why not make a sacrifice chain?
Cut up many strips of colorful construction paper, and keep them together, along with a stapler or tape. Each time you do a sacrifice, take one of the strips of paper and turn it into a link on the chain. You don’t tell everyone else what the sacrifice is! Keep it between you and our Blessed Mother.
See how long the chain can get by Mary’s birthday, and then use it to decorate for a birthday party for Mary!
Paper Chain

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